The law of Selective Justice

Javier’s case was sub judice. It involved inter alia criminal conspiracy, forgery and cheating. Javier was dragged into this by the bank which alleged that the signature on the electronic cheque was forged , he had hatched a conspiracy to tarnish the reputation of the bank and cheat them of Rs 15,00,000. Javier pleaded not guilty at the trial court and told the judge that he had sent the E-cheque with his signature and it was tampered with. The judge declared that his defence of winning Rs 15,00,000 E- cheque in the quiz game show was reductio ad absurdum as nobody had ever done before. Javier was tortured and made to confess under duress that he had cheated in the Quiz game show and knew the answers to the questions beforehand.

Javier had completed 100 days in prison without bail. He was by now vilified by the public. The court kept delaying his hearings and his bank accounts were frozen and his laptop was seized. The court still did not act on his arguments that there was online thievery involved in his case. The prosecution had refused to entertain friends and family of Javier as part of testament of his character. Javier’s work involved the trade of Copra(meat of coconut). Javier had been preparing to take part in the game show few months back.

Javier read many general knowledge books, magazines, newspapers and also listened to a a lot podcasts from subjects ranging from science, technology, philosophy, psychology and health. He had won lots of prizes in quiz competitions and also debates in school and also played hockey at school ,state and national levels. At the age of 33 he had undergone an operation to repair a hole in his heart. He initially applied to the airforce but was rejected due to him having flat feet. He worked as an agricultural labourer in a tea plantation in Kerala before turning to trade of Copra.

At the next hearing he repeated his arguments ad nauseam and again the court refused his bail application. The media made ad hominem attacks against him. The court constituted an ad hoc committee to investigate the case. After six months of work the committee released a 500 page document which stated explicitly that there indeed was a tampering of the E-cheque. But the damage had already been done and after getting acquitted Javier settled down in Tawang in Arunachal pradesh.

He is now in a mental care facility and suffers from PTSD, glossophobia, depression and muscle cramps. He is confined to his room. Ultimately he transforms into a vegetative state. He has no friends and family to attend to.

Selective Justice which is nothing but conviction of innocents in cases that are not fair, transparent and independent and not following international norms is prevalent in all authoritarian regimes in the world. Think of those languishing in jails.