Russell had been a lumberjack for 8 years. Previously he had worked as a call center employee. He also worked as a driver and firefighter. He had made the most number of sales in the call center at the time. He had been expecting a promotion and a pay raise. He worked in the weekdays and an additional two hours.

The call center had about 30 employees and he had been close to being employee of the month for 3 months. His boss was ecstatic with his performance. But with all the adulation , there were also elements of jealousy among other employees. A lot of employees had schemed against him in order to fire him from job.

The employees hatched a plan to destroy him. They decided to draft a letter pointing out fake sexual harassment charges among some female employees. The letter was signed by everyone unanimously. They had began to plan to get some evidence in order back their claims.

One day some female and male colleagues invited him to a blood donation camp. When his turn came to donate blood one of his colleagues asked an official for a sample of his blood. It was an oral agreement of quid pro quo. His blood was mixed with the samples of the group of the female employees allegedly named in the letter.

The next day the letter was sent to the Call Centre's sexual harassment’s cell. The head of the sales department present there read the letter. The cell ordered an enquiry. Russell was called and questioned by the members of the cell. Russell was suspended for the time and criminal investigation was launched by the police on the recommendation of the cell. The group of female employees were asked to give evidence and they showed scars allegedly inflicted on them by Russell. The police asked for blood samples of the employees and Russell. They sent the samples for a DNA test. The test results came back positive and Russell was terminated from services. He was arrested and sent to jail for a period of 2 years and blacklisted from further employment. After his incarceration he was released on bail. He had moved to to a remote village and for a period of 10 months was a destitute. He then found work as a lumberjack for the village forest department.

The Southern England Call Centre had grown into a profitable arm of the Graysfield Company. It now had a manpower of 40 employees. Out of the 40 it consisted of the same 29 employees who had brought down Russell. All of them had their salaries increased by $ 60.

A new head of the sales department was appointed. It was a woman named Jess. None of the employees had met her yet. The corporate sports arm of the Call Centre had organized a golf tournament for the employees. That was day when the employees would meet their new boss Jess.

At the tournament all of the employees gathered to meet their new boss Jess. As soon as she came 29 of the employees got flabbergasted. She reminded them of a certain someone they knew previously. She was tall and lean. She had a deep voice. The teams were divided into 10 teams of 4 players each. All the teams competed brutally and at the end the winning team got the trophy signed by Jess. The winning captain while receiving the prize looked closely at Jess but still wasn't able to put his finger as to who she reminded him of.

As the days went by the 29 employees felt uneasy with their boss. One day all the employees got their performance reviews from Jess. 29 of the employees were astonished by receiving not so great reviews. They were distressed. Jess asked a female employee out to lunch a few days later. She was not part of the 29 employees. After exchanging pleasantries, they became engrossed in deep conversation. The said employee narrated an old story of Russell’s firing that one of the 29 employees had told her about. She told Jess that the 29 employees had deliberately framed and planted evidence against Russell due to their jealousy with him. She also told her about the blood donation camp and the official bribed to give them Russell’s blood sample. All was explained in detail for about an hour and 40 minutes.

On a holiday someone had filed a petition challenging Russell’s termination from the Southern England Call Centre. The petitioner alleged that they had recorded conversation evidence proving his innocence. It had explained all of the 29 employees involvement in the case. The court called for the deposition of the employee whose voice was heard in the recording. All 29 employees were also present in the court that day. They didn’t know who the petitioner was. They got a shock when it was revealed that it was Jess. She was the one who presented phone recording of her and the female employee.

Alas to their dismay the judge ordered for the reinstatement of Russell and for their termination and blacklisting. All rose after the judgement and the 29 employees walked out of the court room to be dumbfounded. Russell was sitting on the steps of the court smiling and then they saw Jess smiling at Russell. That was when they realized who Jess reminded them of. Jess was Russell’s identical twin sister.