The movie is about a Mauritanian man Mohamedou Slahi (Tahar Rahim)winning a scholarship to study in Germany .However he gets captured by American law enforcement on fake charges of terrorist activity and complicity in the 9/11 bombings. …

Russell had been a lumberjack for 8 years. Previously he had worked as a call center employee. He also worked as a driver and firefighter. He had made the most number of sales in the call center at the time. He had been expecting a promotion and a pay raise…

Journeyman! Oh ! Journeyman!

All your life you toiled

In the end you faded

You swore by rules always

But the one who didn’t rise through the ranks

Through subterfuge and sweet talk

They became wealthy

You worked 12 hours a day

And when that was not enough

You also got hustled on the side

Journeyman! Oh! Journeyman

All your body stressed

In the end diseased

Now that coworker you knew

Became your commander

At your eulogy

Your colleagues praised you and your work

And that commander filled with jealousy

Spoke ill about you

After a few years at his eulogy

No one came

He got cremated

and they celebrated with joy

There once existed an amateur goalkeeper named Gael.A gaunt and wiry man,he came from the lower strata of society. He lived with his grandparents. At thirteen years of age, he was selling flowers to earn money for his grandparents. He was educated in a vocation centre for underprivileged poor children.

Where is the big O? ask the people

O saturation levels dropping below 94

Hospitals falling short of beds

Where is the big O?

The greedy and rich hoarding O cylinders

Where is the big O?

Doctors are running around begging for O cylinders

Where is the big O?

Nurses testing positi+ve

Where is the big O?

Bodies lying on the road

Where is the big O?

Parks turning into crematoriums

Where is the big O?

The land turning into Zombieland

Where is the big O?

There is a shortage of O plants

Where is the big O?

The leader and his lawyers telling courts there is sufficient O for all

So can anyone tell us : Where is the big O?

Yellow had graduated from med school at the top of her class. She had trained to be an oncologist. She had started working at Vibrant Colors Hospital right after graduation. She had been welcomed graciously by the staff of the hospital on her first day. Most of the doctors liked…

They worship the Savannah

They feast on Mint leaves

They sing folk songs of the River

They beat drums to awaken their kin

They make and travel through their canoe

They live among flora and fauna

One day they see aliens from a vantage point

They see machines destroying the Savannah

They see machines polluting the River

They are driven away from their habitat

Their culture and lives are hijacked

They now live under rules imposed by the alien government

The alien leader is a sadist

A decade later they are extinct

“I want to protest”

No, child you should only study!!

“I want to fight injustice”

No, child you must look the other way!!

“I want to question political leaders”

No, child you must agree with them

“I want to give voice to the voiceless”

No, child you must be silent

“That man is a criminal”

No, child you must respect your elders

“I want to save democracy”

No, child you must bow down to the dictator

“The young ones die at last”

Yes, child that is the full circle of life

Javier’s case was sub judice. It involved inter alia criminal conspiracy, forgery and cheating. Javier was dragged into this by the bank which alleged that the signature on the electronic cheque was forged , he had hatched a conspiracy to tarnish the reputation of the bank and cheat them of…

I like fried fish

Its the top dish

Rich in vitamin D

Strengthens the knee

Salmon, good for health

Gives increased wealth

Prawns are tasty

With condiments spicy

Fish and chips near beaches

Snacks when he or she reaches

These tales of seafood ponder

nutrients we need and wander

Joseph Johnson

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